Taryn Cox is Chic! 07 / 30 / 12

The fashionista, socialite and blogger, Taryn Cox in Malibu, California.

Alice Lodge Has A New Exhibit in Los Angeles! 07 / 30 / 12

The artist Alice Lodge at the opening of her new exhibition, “Untitled” at the Ed Ruscha and Lauren Hutton studios on Western Boulevard in Los Angeles. Ms. Lodge works with dioramas and paintings that hover between the abstract and conceptual. The exhibition runs through August.

Liz Garner Attends Opening for Alice Lodge! 07 / 30 / 12

The production designer Liz Garner at the opening of Alice Lodge’s exhibition in Los Angeles.

The One and Only Jean Noir! 07 / 25 / 12

Singer and songwriter Jean Noir in Malibu, California.

Say Cheese Mika & Emannuel! 07 / 16 / 12

Artist Mika Mae and adult film star, Emmanuel Delcour at a private party hosted by Mr. Delcour in Hollywood. Mr. Mae was a professional model and is currently art director for the photographer David La Chapelle and Mr. Delcour was a naked chef on Bravo’s reality television show, “Chef’s Academy.”