May 27 . 2019


Photographed and Interviewed by Taryn Cox

A new voice generating buzz, Los Angeles musician, Jean Noir is set to debut his energetic solo EP “Heat Prowl.” Originally from Santa Barbara, the talented artist will release his indie “dream pop” tunes on the heels of a hotter-than-ever L.A. indian summer.

Where do you come from and how does it inspire your music?
I live in Silver Lake, CA, in a 1920’s Spanish bungalow. All of the music I have written as Jean Noir has happened in this house, and in this neighborhood. Musical talent is abundant in these parts and on any given night I can walk from my house to the Echoplex or Satellite and sample the local acts to see what works (and what doesn’t).

What is the source of your music creation?
When I was about 8 years old I discovered MTV. The first music video I ever saw was “Regulators” by Nate Dogg and Warren G. It conjured up some crazy feelings in 8 year old me and I guess I’m trying to relive that.

What was the inspiration for the new album, Heat Prowl?
This batch of songs was written and recorded during a late summer heat spell. On the east side that means two things, miserably hot days and fantastically warm nights. The name “Heat Prowl” came from an LA Weekly article in which a cop referred to a series of warm-weather burglaries in Los Feliz as a “hot prowl”. I thought that was funny… it eventually became the narrative for one of the songs on the EP.

What’s the best lyric you’ve ever heard?
“I don’t know what you expect staring into the TV set” – Burning Down the House – Talking Heads.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?
When I drive by large estates and see that their gates are open I like drive in and check them out. I used to do this with my older brother, before I could drive, and it’s something that still excites me. It makes for some fun getaway stories.

Favorite character from a film?
Prince in Purple Rain.

Describe your style.
Chambray shirts, black denim, boots, bolo ties, animal prints… all accented by my Cartier edition Lincoln.

Moment you realized you wanted to be a musician?
When I won my family reunion talent show at 2 years old by singing “Baby Beluga”. We won a trip to Black Butte and I got attacked by some angry geese. A gaggle of them if you will.