ALEIM [ syll. a-lee(m), al-e-em ]

(Arabic: علیم “Ahleem”) (Hebrew: אהיה “Elohim” or “aleh-eem”)
Name that means knowledgeable; the all knowing. Its derivative “Aleph” is the origin of the modern word “Alive.”

ALEIM MAGAZINE is designed as an interview source for the photographic, cinematic and creative personalities of our time. The magazine works with award-winning writers, photographers and videographers to capture these personalities in their most honest and unfiltered environments.

Creativity is communication. We encourage you to post your reactions and responses to what you see and read.


Aleim Johnson / Creative Director
Victoria Foster / Editor
Legrec / Art Direction & Design
Rong Yong / Site Development
Diego Leon / Content Manager

Photography Consultants

Dana Lixenberg
George Pitts

Image Consultants

Guilhem de Castelbajac
Allison Gorsuch


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